Our service for you:


Patents and utility models

Search after competitors and/or registrations in the subject of your invention

Elaboration and submission of the registration with the responsible office

Execution of the distribution and/or registration procedure

Defense during objection, action for annulment and/or deletion

Patent sheet monitoring (monitoring of the patent right activities of the competitors)


Characteristic right such as Trademark and Domain

Execution of more worse, more on behalf of or further searches

Elaboration of the being and service listing

Submission of the mark with the responsible office

Completion of the registration procedure

Defense with contradictions

Collision monitoring (monitoring of your mark on publications of recent, possibly colliding registrations)


Design protection such as design patents

Examination, revision and adjustment of the documents left by you

Submission of the Design with the responsible office

Execution of the registration procedure

Defense against deletion and contradiction



Sort protection

Employed inventor right

Elaboration and negotiation of license agreement

Appraisal to injury questions and legal validity of patent rights

Deposits of the due extension and annual fees for marks, patents, taste and utility models by our own Taxabteilung